When it comes to eCommerce websites, the design represents a crucial role, no concern about what platform you use. The design of your website is deemed to make your site visually appealing but it also has to reach potential customers through your site plus help turn them within actual buyers.

While there are many e-commerce platforms accessible, Big Commerce certainly stands out thanks to their consideration to detail plus the dedication to creating an eCommerce platform designed as conversions.

Before you determine to hire the services of any e-commerce website Development Company, check out the major determinants that can make your site a hit among your customers.

1. Make Your BigCommerce Site Easy to Navigate

Your menu is one of the important parts of your website. It helps customers get from one page to another, which indicates why an intuitively structure navigation menu is so important.
Avoid adding several links in the main menu plus instead opt for a drop-down or a mega menu that will allow you to continue more links that lead to different product categories. Another effective way to facilitate the navigation about your site is to use a fly-out menu that arrives on hover.
Thankfully, there are lots of Big Commerce themes that will help you make that shopping experience better for your buyers.

2. Use a search bar

Use a search bar on your site so that users can find easily their desired product externally even ought to browse for it. Place it on this top side of your homepage or at a specific top right corner.

Make sure your search box runs well. It should return similar results if an exact match is not found. People today don’t like to have “no match found” as a conclusion. Modify the color of the search box from the background.
Try saving the searches of a particular user to find the behavior pattern and show them results that are likely to match their taste in the future.

3. Keep the user in mind

Every single aspect of your website from product images to contact forms could probably contribute to a user’s decision to cause a purchase. That’s why you should keep the user in mind among every single decision you make when it gets to your e-commerce web design. User experience is pre-eminent to turning visitors into consumers and turning customers within repeat customers.

Not sure if your website has a great user experience? Get a second viewpoint by joining a friend or even hiring personage to look over your website. Have them rate your site on usability, visual appeal, navigational ease, plus overall satisfaction.

4. Optimize Your Store for Mobile

Another useful tip to have in mind is to make sure your store is optimized for mobile devices. This goes away from having a responsive theme. It includes making sure your images scale perfectly on smaller screens as well as your custom fields. This makes it easier for your customers to click the correct field plus fill it out.

Make use of E- Commerce’s built-in points for mobile shopping also add mobile payment solutions to your online store. This will give it easier to pay for your products using PayPal One Touch or Apple Pay, it can increase your conversions by up to 12%.

5. Create an FAQ page

FAQ pages are essential for e-commerce sites. They help create transparency about products, policies, including payment information.
Transparency is needed to build trust with the customers. Customers like to comprehend everything right on the go, and they also appreciate your effort in organizing the FAQ for them.

6. Keep filtering option available

Would the customer want to go over all the laptops to buy just one which is probably of a specific color, price, plus configuration? No, right?

So, if you have a filtering option available, the customer can easily search for the aspired brand, color, and price. And if there is nothing of these choices available, the customer goes to know that right away. Popular search filters include size, color, brand, plus the price.

7. Display Shipping Costs Upfront

Another study reveals that shipping costs displayed too late are a large factor that adds to high cart abandonment rates. Preferably of displaying them at the very end, ensure that your customers can see that shipping cost calculated within the final price of this product itself.

You can add a shipping calculator below every product that delivers customers the option to calculate that final cost before going to any checkout page. This will prepare them for what they can require once they do check out plus avoid unpleasant surprises.