For a social media campaign to be useful, you need to combine varied strategies to enhance audience engagement with your brand. It's not simply a "one size fits all" procedure in society. Every channel is complex & every audience is unique, and your strategy requires reflection. Many brands have failed among their social media campaigns due to the establishment of a poor procedure that doesn't take into account personas on their channels, or completely no strategy at all.

Brands are looking for the best social media tips to help increase their social & lead re-engagement goals. In this blog, we will share some useful tips for engagement strategies to help make your social media campaigns even more powerful or effective

1. Go Niche

As 2020 continues, more & more brands are turning off-topic when it comes to social media marketing. Clothing brands tweet regarding TV programs, food & beverage brands comment on the clothing industry, and so on. As a result, their marketing messaging goes reduced against their desire to be relevant.

2. Develop brand personas

You’re reasonably aware of buyer personas. Marketers create them to identify & know potential buyers’ needs, challenges, goals, pain points, demographics, etc. Businesses typically gain that insight within an online customer survey.

Social media personas are pretty similar. They are likely profiles of your average social media followers. Promoting social media personas helps you zero in on what your audience needs & want to see; which types of posts & content will engage them the most; & how you should communicate with them.

3. Live Video

It is proven that videos boost engagement compared to still pictures or plain posts. However, this doesn't mean that you should discontinue using images, as they are still fairly important. People spend 20% more their time on live videos compared. Live videos bring regarding the factor of immediacy in the posts related to pre-recorded videos.

4. Participate in social media groups

Social media groups, especially LinkedIn & Facebook groups, are great places to increase the reach of your message & increase social media engagement.

First, do your research & identify the groups that are most appropriate to your market & audience. Then slowly follow them one by one. Before you begin to post in groups, take some time to perceive what others there are posting regarding and what manner of dialogue is taking place.

5. Monitor Your Results

You won’t understand how successful your engagement works are without tracking your social platforms & monitoring your results. Most of the primary platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn have built-in analytics tools. These give basic information regarding follower numbers, likes, comments, plus shares, so you can evaluate what’s working & what isn’t.

6. Social Plugins

There are various social plugins available for brands, we can use to enhance engagement. Like Facebook Share API. It is a social plugin that makes it possible for users to share posts & content from your website immediately to their Facebook pages.

7. Leverage social listening tools

When anyone mentions your brand name on social media, you must respond and engage them as quickly as possible. Social listening tools reveal to you when anyone mentions your company, allowing you to engage your audience at the time that they are engaging among you.

8. Share engaging content

Once you engage yourself in the strategy of sharing valuable or relevant content with your audience, you can start receiving engaging content from other sources. You don’t require to limit yourself to only sharing your content.

9. Hashtags!! Hashtags!!

Hashtags can make or destroy your social media efforts. When used perfectly, hashtags can greatly increase the exposure of your posts.

Be sure to research the hashtags you prepare to use to ensure they are actively in use. Unless you’ll waste your time & increase your posts’ character limit unnecessarily.

Moreover, the effective use of hashtags modifies across social channels.


Every business that includes best practices to increase social media engagement is the one that will succeed in the future. Those that don’t will fall back & find it frequently difficult to compete in their particular industries. Following the above tips, you’ll definitely increase social media engagement, bring more views to your website & content, and develop fame as a customer-centric brand.