This is a million dollar question, many people have asked me about the Search Engines, its future update and optimization techniques. I researched about how Search Engine, more specifically “Google has changed” over the years and how SEO experts adjusts themselves with website’s ranking. The one thing i notice by the growing user-base of internet, search engines are providing more relevant results according to the user not by the query or you can say Search engine are localizing the search results for their user its more likely Artificial Intelligence. You might have thinking about, what should you do, how to keep up with these changes and how to secure your position on SERP. So let’s talk about the future technology and how its going to affect SEO.

When someone says he use to scroll 2-3 pages on search and had to 3-4 website to get right information on his deck, this may sound like a person with no knowledge about how to use internet but it was common in old days, those days when i started using search engine to grab information about things i really needed to know and the amazing thing is people do these thing so often But the internet world is drastically changed now, no one put an effort to type a complete keyword on search engine’s search bar most of the time the query is completed by itself or user just left a single word and get accurate result. Noe you don’t even to visit a website or blog read the information out. Google’s Rich result or structured snippet will give the answer to your query instantly on the top of the result page.

So, If we talk about the future same thing will happen in future as well, Users don’t even have to type their query the search bar and get result. No, I am not kidding or screwed up Its happening now in its initial phase and it is called voice search where all a user need to do is speak out the query in their comfortable tongue and they will get a most relevant answer from all over the internet.

Note it, when i say you will get a answer that means you will get only one answer from the search which means your website or webpage needs to be on top of all the queries to reach to the user. So, the best way to this is to provide information or Question/Answers about your business directly to the search engine by adding Information to your local listing and product/service listing. Add FAQ Section that define your business and try focusing on “What, How and Who in Faq schema and in your webpage

Getting you webpage on the search result with structured data is the future of SEO.