When you’ve launched your website or blog or your traffic is increasing, then it’s time to start thinking regarding how to monetize that. When it comes to monetizing your website or any blog, Google AdSense and Ad Network are soundly accessible amongst all other monetization platforms.

Now you have the scope to earn more extra with AdSense and Ad Network alternatives.

What are AdSense and Ad Network?

Google’s advertising tool “AdSense” is one of the most prevalent advertising programs on the web. From webmasters to the administrators, it gives sufficient opportunities to monetize their traffic efficiently.  And Ad networks were one of the first parts of advertising technology that emerged in the mid-’90s while online advertising first started. They were stable for the very same things they are now—helping advertisers buy possible ad space across various publishers.

Most helpful Google AdSense & Ad networks Alternatives to Make Money from Your Website:


It’s the most popular option on this list as it’s the contextual ad product of Yahoo/Bing. It will assist up relevant ads based on the content on every page of your site, including both text plus display ads. Like AdSense, you can build your custom display ads or let Media.net conclude the sizes that get you the most helpful results.


 Monumetric is now the biggest earning advertising network. Monumetric works header bidding which has increased performance. Of course, they aren’t the bare outfit that offers header bidding. They are very progressive in new ad ideas. For example, they give desktop/mobile sticky ad units that earn preposterously well. This ad network is a sober alternative to AdSense and Ad network.


Ezoic is a certified Adsense publisher. Ezoic in a nutshell endures and optimizes your ad position. Their software for testing ad placement is the best. They give Ad Exchange ads which you can set up to burst test.The main distinction is that you can sign up with Ezoic with about 10,000 monthly visitors already. If your long-term aim is to grow your traffic to get acquired with AdThrive, Ezoic is the best network to team up within the meantime.

 Amazon Associates

While a lot of people just think about Amazon Associates in the meaning of manually inserting relevant affiliate connections into content, Amazon Associates additionally has its contextual advertising offering called Native Shopping Ads. If you choose to use Amazon Associates, make sure you familiarize yourself among all the rules, as Amazon Associates is a much stricter than other affiliate networks. 


Skimlinks is a monetization program that turns all links to retailers in their network into affiliate links. It scans your content for remarks of the over 48,500 affiliate merchants in the Skimlinks’ network. If it gets a mention, Skimlinks automatically adds an affiliate link to provide you a chance to earn a commission. 


Infolinks is a popular ad network. Their claim to fame is converting text into link ads on your site. They haven’t affiliated links like Skimlinks, rather, the ads pay per click. 

Infolinks has a super easygoing and quick signup process. You need to enter your blog or website URL, then enter your email address, plus choose a password. You’ll receive an email notification once your request is approved. 


Mediavine is one of the largest ad networks for bloggers many thanks to their earnings potential plus personal support. While their minimum traffic specification of 25,000 sessions per month is high, Mediavine is a great long-term goal to endeavor for. 

Revenue Hits  

Revenue Hits doesn’t pay based on clicks or impressions. Preferably, your income with them is based on a cost per action (CPA) basis. CPA means that the ad need converts to sales or sign-ups as you earn money. However, while that happens, the payout is much higher. 

 Revenue Hits doesn’t have the least traffic requirement. That means more is your content and your blog niche. If your readers are interested and ready to purchase, e.g. while reading your analysis posts, your income could rise very fast. 

Final Words with Us: 

Here are the most helpful Google AdSense & Ad networks Alternatives to Make Money from Your Website. The point of this post is to assist you to get an overview of a good collection of the most reliable ad networks for bloggers and your website.  Whether you’re just starting with blogging/website or your blog/website previously has thousands of readers or traffic every day, this information should help you increase you’re earning income through your site or blog.