Instagram has become the photo-sharing, social media community by storm. Since launching in 2010 plus becoming acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has undergone explosive growth plus incredible worldwide popularity.

While most maximum Instagram users are within 18-29 years old, 6 in 10 adults who are online have Instagram accounts, with any users operating multiple profiles.

An extraordinary sales growth platform, eMarketer projects that Instagram’s global mobile ad revenues will touch $2.81 billion this year, and they give no sign of slowing down.

So, how to generate sales through Instagram ads?

1. Create an attractive profile

Today people favor Instagram over Google to search for different brands. This gives you all the more purpose to curate your profile with time plus use innovative ideas to make a beautifully-designed Instagram profile.

  1. Choose a profile photo that is related to your business, this will make your account more prominent plus help the users to identify your account easily.
  2. Your bio should provide a clear description to your readers about your business plus don’t forget to mention what you have to offer.
  3. After you’re done composing your bio, make sure to append the link to your website. This will bring more visitors and make purchasing easier.
  4. Populate with engaging content. Make positive the content that you put is negative only visually attractive but also motivated users to tag their friends or comment. Engagement is very powerful and doesn’t forget using hashtags.

2. Determine your marketing objective

Instagram is held by Facebook. You’ll be using this same platform you used to generate leads with Facebook ads.

The first point you’ll need to do is select your marketing objective. The goals are cut down into three main categories:

  • awareness
  • consideration
  • conversion

Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer here while it comes to making this selection.

3. Finalizing the Instagram ads approach

Once you’re finished setting up your business you can decide as to how much you require to spend on Instagram ads. This step also includes choosing where you need your ad to be seen. Now you must be staring at how to set up the ads? This step is simpler than you think. Just promote the posts that you’ve shared on your Instagram profile by beating the “promote” button. Parallelly you can run growth ads through the Facebook ads manager. Now make sure you do these 2 points properly before running conversion-driven ads:

a) Send regular traffic to the website through Instagram – Create a warm audience by just posting them to your website through Instagram.

b) Promote Instagram posts to the appropriate audience – Get engagement on modern handle posts.

4. Set a budget

I don’t suggest spending every dollar in your marketing budget on Instagram ads, particularly if this is your first time doing this strategy.

Get your feet open before you dive in headfirst.

Everyone’s budget is modified. But let’s keep things simple as now and say that your business has allocated $5,000 to spend on Instagram ads.

5. Setting up conversion ads

After you’re done with fixing up your audience and planning your budget hit “confirm” plus you’re now good to go. But one thing is required to be kept in mind that you might not see your desired results quickly until then just keep boosting your posts. Also, use call-to-action buttons similar to “Shop Now” boosting your audience to take action immediately. For direct sales driven ads, carousel ads work excellent on Instagram. The platform grows on good creatives after all! Make sure the images consider the price and product name correctly.

6. Showcase your top benefits

You need to understand how people use Instagram.

They’re scrolling for posts at a fairly rapid rate. Don’t expect people to stop to examine your ad if it’s overly complicated.

If your privileges can’t be identified right away, the user has no mind to click your CTA button.