It’s 2020 around here.if you are doing your business online or you are an online marketer, you probably have or want to create a website. It doesn’t mean if you are using a free website maker tool or having a web developer doing it for you, here are some methods that are going to make your page look more professional & attractive to your visitors.

Methods to make your website look professional and attractive are:

1. Simplicity is beauty

It is understandable that as a web designer, you would need to show off your design skills plus creative abilities. But do not exceed it! Some designers manage to go overboard with drop shadows, colors, and

This is obvious overkill and you should avoid it. You have to understand that visitors do not like this in any form. Your readers will have a difficult time reading it, and will most likely leave.

2. Web Fonts

Do you still hold on to the right fonts and templates? It’s time to have a different appearance. Try the brand new and interesting range of font styles that are accessible at Google Web Fonts. Font size and style need to be in such a way that they should be readable and look out of the background color.

3. Easy to navigate

One of the chief goals of your website should be to give an overall awesome user experience. Designing your website in a way that makes its navigation easy is one of the most secure means to achieve this.

We live in a fast-paced world and the bulk of users want to find stuff that they are looking for as promptly as possible. You don’t need your visitors to get lost, frustrated, plus go to your competitors because of a page full of clutter.

4. High-quality images

Great, high-quality images may affect the rate of your website, but they are a great way to make it out from the rest. Not only will your site look professional, but including it on your landing page and your site’s overall design will bring people which can possibly lead to conversions.

5. One CTA is enough

A website with many CTAs looks unprofessional. It may also involve your visitors and may result in them not getting any action.

Make it easy for your users to take action by setting up one CTA button. You don’t need to confuse them with a lot of choices. Get their consideration and make your site look more professional including a CTA that is placed strategically on your page.

6. Enhanced Browser Support

Your website must be cooperative with all the web browsers including Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. This ensures simple access to data in all platforms. This is necessary because you cannot divine which browsers are favored by the users.

7. Social Media Share Buttons

Most of the business websites has their own social media profiles today. So here’s an add-on you could include on your website. You can add a pin button for all your social media pages here. This will help you gain more followers in them as well.

8. Compelling Content

Have some quality content that is compelling to read on. This covers topics like tech gadgets, trending technologies, latest news from the digital world, etc… Build good content that forces the users to continue to read. Once you move them with high-quality content, traffic for your site tends to increase.

9. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a graphical control element mainly used in web sites as a navigation tool for a more enjoyable user interface. It helps the users to maintain track of their locations on the web pages of a critical website. If any newbie opens your site and navigates within your titles, there rsquos a chance of becoming lost midway.

10. Highlighting Graphics

Good artwork including graphic elements add beauty to your site. People tend to choose websites with graphics-rich elements that are well presented. But the design elements should not shift too complicated and congested. It should be diligent, pleasing, plus visually appealing. This will make your website look more trustworthy.