There are lots of people who started optimizing a website’s on-page without consulting with an expert and that will lead their website at the very bottom of the results. Its not just about the regular people sometimes some of the experts start making these mistakes the reason of this may be they get irritated by not getting ranked on top results or they no idea about the latest search engine’s algorithm. So, lets have a look what are these mistakes

  1. Keyword Irrelevancy with Content: On-Page SEO is all about optimizing the page’s content with your keywords but if you are just optimizing your title, description, alt tags etc with according to your keywords is a huge mistake it will never help you getting ranked. So, always optimize you content first and meta tags etc.
  2. Wrongly Optimizing Search Snippet: The Search Snippet is the first impression towards a user of your website’s content that contains a summarize data of the webpage that’s why it is important to optimize it according to the user point of view not according to your keywords. So, if you are putting direct keywords in your Page Title and Meta Description then it is surely a mistake and user will never click on your website.
  3. Optimizing Page Loading Speed: Everyone wants a cooler looking website with lots of images, video and such graphics that will definitely help decreasing the bounce rate but lead the website to load very heavily with longer duration of time. So, you have to take help of Google’s page speed insight tool to perform technical audit regarding you page’s loading time and reducing javascripts in a webpage because scripts plays a big role in loading a page in mobile phones as majority of the users browse internet on mobile devices.
  4. Putting Wrong text in Alt and Title Tags: Most of you are putting direct keywords in alt and title of the images  again it is mistake because the google bot reads alt and title tag to understand the content of the image and it will not help improving the if the image is about something else and you are putting a keyword over. So, the solution is, you can relevant images that matches you content and keywords both where you can easily optimize the alt and title tags.
  5. Not Optimizing Navigation Pages: Linked page in the primary and secondary menu like about, contact, privacy policy etc pages are those pages that every website has but on one optimize them. Just because we are not promoting these page that doesn’t mean we don’t have to optimize them. These kind the pages show quality of the website.