Social media has become an important part of small business marketing, but let’s face it – it can be helpful for a hindrance sometimes. There are numerous things to do in your business, it can be simple to slip into phoning it in while it comes to your social channels. If you’re feeling in a rut by your social media, then that’s great. There’s an easy strategy that takes some of the pressure off. And being a bonus, it helps create way more extra engagement than you’re likely making right now.

What’s this magic unicorn, you ask? It’s called user-generated content, and it’s a constantly overlooked goldmine. Read on to study what it is and four ways to execute it in your social media strategy.

What is user-generated content?

If it’s anything said, written, or visually fascinated by people who are not involved in your business. A comment on a social post, A review, an Instagram photo tagging your location are examples. Heck, it can be a comment given in reaching by someone browsing in your store.

Usually, we are so focused on putting out our message that we forget to hear what others are saying. And that’s a big mistake for a kind of reason, but it’s also a needed opportunity when it arrives at your marketing. People like to hear from different people, not just take your word for it when you say your products/ business/services are amazing. This is usually called “social proof,” and it’s very powerful.

Here are some particular ways you can turn what others are saying about you plus your business into a social media engagement mechanism.

1. Use Prompts

If you’ve ever noticed a video or a post where someone was “performing a challenge,” you’ve seen this type of post. Essentially, they were returning to a prompt, or a suggestion of something definite to do. They don’t all have to result in money according to charity, or someone throwing up because they’ve decided to drink a tun of milk in 30 minutes (Thank God!). It can be as easy as asking your readers to capture a certain photo.

2. Use what’s already there:

Fair information, this one works if you already have something going on your pages or into your business. If you’re just procuring started, keep it in mind for later. But if you’ve been in your business for a while, then almost guarantee someone has told you or said something about your business online. Even if you think you have no online appearance, it’s very probable someone has still got a way to tag, review, or talk about you online. That’s only the world we’re living in.

The best example of this is reviewed. If you have a positive review, someone has used the time to give you a suggestion, which is HUGE. In this day and age, attention measures are almost non-existent. So getting someone to post anything, let solely something nice, without you making a thing is a blessing.

3. Create a contest

Who doesn’t like a little competition? This one may need an incentive, but it doesn’t have to be anything enormous. Sometimes people just like a shout-out plus recognition. Registering participants into a drawing for a gift card is usually a big sufficient incentive to draw interest. $20 at Starbucks can be quite motivating! Or, even better, offer a free product/service from your business.

So, if you’re proceeding to create a contest, you’ll have to use in association with a prompt. 

4. Take a poll

Another easy and pleasant way to use content from others is to create a poll. This not only gives you content to use down the line but it can also give you precious business insights.

There are a lot of methods to ask for audience assistance. Facebook and Twitter have a “create a poll” option in the post types, and you can do something related to Instagram Stories.

5. The Takeaway

Creating social media content isn’t (and shouldn’t be) all you. It’s way longer engaging when you include your audience. There are several ways to incorporate user-generated content within your social media approach. The best place to start? Listen to your clients/customers/audience plus use what’s already nearby you.